45 years Fricon | Fricon celebrates 45 years of Legacy with an internal event and several actions

Last September 10th, Fricon celebrated its 45th anniversary (watch celebration video here).

45 years old Fricon.

Over 45 Years Fricon has built a solid structure in the international commercial refrigeration market. Originally thought out, conceived, and led by the stamp of our founder, we assume the future of the company well established in what is the Fricon DNA and the Legacy that we represent.

Today, we position ourselves as a leader in the development of low-consumption commercial refrigeration solutions, conceptualizing increasingly more sustainable equipment, contributing to a more sustainable value chain.

“Growth is the product of the future we were able to predict. We will go even further and be even better”

– Artur Martins Azevedo

Event 45 years Fricon.

As a way of celebrating and thanking you for all your dedication, Fricon brought your family together in a special moment. An event in honor of our founder and recognition to those who have been with us for over two decades and to all who contribute daily to the company’s goals.

We have the presence of renowned personalities in Portugal. Speaker and author Jorge Sequeira, humorist Rui Xará, presenter Ricardo Couto, musical band The Cover Van, among other personalities that provided a unique and emotional experience away from multiple hours.

Because all companies are made of people, this was one of the actions carried out, by and for people. People who are the most valuable asset of the company.

Thanks to the entire Fricon Family. 45 years Fricon.

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