Chest Freezer SMR SLB 2500

GENERAL DATA*Automatic Defrost (AD)Variable Speed Compressor (ADVS)Variable Speed Compressor (VCC)
Outer Lenght2500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
Outer Height840 mm840 mm840 mm
Outer Depth885 mm885 mm885 mm
Gross Capacity983 Lts
(34,7 Ft³)
983 Lts
(34,7 Ft³)
983 Lts
(34,7 Ft³)
Net Capacity677 Lts
(23,9 Ft³)
677 Lts
(23,9 Ft³)
677 Lts
(23,9 Ft³)
Display Area1,5 m²1,5 m²1,5 m²
Refrigerant R290 R290R290
Climatic Conditions 3L13L1 3L1
Energy Characteristics220-240V / 50Hz  2.57A  345W220-240V/ 50-60Hz  1.24A  274W220-240V / 50-60Hz  1.28A  285W
Power Consumption
Energy Efficiencyletra energética Cletra energética Cletra energética C
Insulation Thickness
LidsLid – GlassLid – GlassLid – Glass
Inner Temperature Range-24ºC to -16ºC
(-11,2 ⁰F / 3,2 ⁰F)
-24ºC to -16ºC
(-11,2 ⁰F / 3,2 ⁰F)
-24ºC to -16ºC
(-11,2 ⁰F / 3,2 ⁰F)

* This information is merely informative and subject to changes in technical data, and may not be used as a contractual document.

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The Chest Freezer SMR SLB 2500 Fricon is a horizontal chest freezer with large capacity, eco-friendly refrigeration technology, making it a solution with high performance and low energy consumption.

The Chest Freezer SMR SLB is a plug-in solution that allows high speed and ease of installation, with reduced maintenance costs.

The Chest Freezer SMR SLB works as a conservative of frozen products, in galvanized steel making it robust and resistant to corrosion.

Contemporary design with straight lines.

Wide visibility of products and high customization of the POS layout.

This conservator has LED lighting, 70mm wall thickness, adjustable thermostat, tempered glass with low emissivity and a sedation system of the equipment that keeps the cold.

In harmony with this chest, we also present our supermarket freezer SMR SLB 1940 (Head) in order to create an island in your POS – increasing the product display area.


The standard version of this Chest Freezer SMR SLB 2500 includes the following accessories: internal partitions and baskets, water drainage system, water trimmer, and digital thermometer.