Due to the global widespread of the COVID 19, and even if up until now, we haven’t suffered setbacks of any kind, Fricon may also be affected, directly or indirectly.
Apart from the eventual shortage / irregularities of deliveries from our suppliers, that may / will affect our production, the first two cases of the disease were confirmed yesterday in Portugal. And this fact may (or not) affect our daily routines, something we will find out in the next couple of days.
Again, we haven’t yet had any disruption in production and up until now, all information received from our suppliers has been of reassurance.
We’ll be monitoring the situation and if there’s the possibility of any type of disruption we will inform you accordingly.
As you all know, Fricon is a reliable and trustworthy partner and obviously we will take every measure to protect our common interests.

Take the opportunity to thank now the understanding of all customers and partners in this matter.

Dear customers, this message about COVID 19 is extremely important and informative.

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