Display Refrigerator DUO (VDTT)

GENERAL DATA*VDTT (chiller + freezer)
Exterior Width520 mm
Exterior Height1975 mm
Exterior Depth650 mm
Gross Volume270 Lts
(9,5 Ft³)
Net Volume242 Lts
(8,5 Ft³)
Total Display Area0.51 m2
Climate Class3L1
Energetic Features220-240V/50Hz  3.76 A  545 W
Energy Consumption
Energy Efficiencyletra energética E
Thickness Insulation
Lid/Door Type Porta – Vidro
Temperature Range≤ -24/0 ⁰C up to -18/8
(≤ -11,2/32 ⁰F up to -0,4 ºF/46,4 ºF)

* All data is for information purposes only and subject to changes in technical data and cannot be used as a contract document.

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The display refrigerator DUO (VDTT) from Fricon is a versatile solution for the most varied store types.

Due to the display refrigerator DUO (VDTT) being a Bi-temperature device, it contains a zone for positive cold and another for negative cold. This feature makes it possible to meet different needs in both refrigeration and food preservation, combining this with high performance at both temperatures.

In this way, we have a refrigerated cabinet with a glass door that meets the requirements of the storage space using low energy consumption and that allows separating food by type.

As usual with Fricon solutions, the display refrigerator DUO (VDTT) is a plug-in device that provides a quick and easy installation at the point of sale, coupled with its ease of disposal in the commercial space.

This solution uses refrigerant gas R290 with low environmental impact, providing equipment that is environmentally friendly and with good product exposure, thus being able to boost sales and promotion of products exposed due to the customization of the POS layout.

You can also apply your brand on this display refrigerator DUO (VDTT) or customize it according to the design of your store, and thus differentiate yourself even more from your competitors and retain customers.

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