Display Refrigerator VCV 1B

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Outer Lenght675 mm
Outer Height1970 mm
Outer Depth700 mm
Gross Capacity422 Lts
(14,9 Ft³)
Gross Capacity282 Lts
(10, Ft³)
Display Area0,72 m²
Refrigerant R 290
Climatic Conditions4L1
Energy Characteristics220-240V/50Hz  3.67A  734W
Power Consumption
Energy Efficiencyletra energética E
Insulation Thickness
LidsDoor – Glass
Inner Temperature Range-24 ⁰C / -18 ⁰C
(-11,2 ⁰F / -0,4 ⁰F)

* This information is merely informative and subject to changes in technical data, and may not be used as a contractual document.

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The Display Refrigerator VCV 1B allows you to highlight your brand and products efficiently.

As usual with Fricon solutions, the display refrigerator VCV 1B is a plug-in device, which provides a quick and easy installation at the point of sale, combined with its ease of disposal in the commercial space.

Thus, we have a refrigerated cabinet with a glass door that meets the requirements of the storage space using low energy consumption, due to the use of natural refrigerant gas (R290) with low environmental impact. With the introduction of 6 shelves, there is greater use of the interior space, making greater product exposure possible.

Having been developed for greater prominence of products inside, LED lighting was introduced on the sides of the equipment and, also, outdoor lighting at the top to be able to promote your brand, whether you use the equipment for your own use or for promotion at various points sale.

You can also apply your brand on this display refrigerator VCV 1B or customize it according to the design of your store, and thus differentiate yourself even more from your competitors and retain customers.

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