ESM recognizes Fricon E-commerce System

European Supermarket Magazine (ESM) recognizes Fricon E-commerce System.

Fricon has developed a leading refrigeration system based on optimising retailers’ modus operandi for the preparation of online orders.

The refrigeration company wants to propose the system as a global solution as it believes that it focuses on the improvement of clients’ processes.

The system is designed to preserve food for more than eight hours, and then at night, during off-hours, it can be plugged on to recharge for the next day.

The objective is to be able to collect large quantities of refrigerated or frozen products with the equipment without ever losing the cold chain, from the supermarket until the customers’ house.

Fricon believes that this process will streamline and increase order preparation and preserve the cold chain.

Read the full ESM news.

Recognizing the need on the market, Fricon tried to simplify the various steps and add value to the process, see how the Fricon e-commerce system works in detail here.

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