Fricon and Embraco partnership

Refrigeration solutions developed to reduce consumption by up to 55%.

Fricon and Embraco partnership

Fricon and Embraco partnership allow, two companies that are focused on the optimization and management of energy consumption, we were able to optimize the savings in our equipment. Through the Fricon and Embraco partnership we can be using a component developed and worked on for a continuous improvement of Fricon solutions because together we made this a reality.

From February 16 to 20, at EuroShop, the world’s number 1 retail fair, Embraco solutions will feed Fricon’s new line of applications for commercial refrigeration. With this partnership, it was possible to create a product line that reduces energy consumption by up to 55%, compared to similar conventional systems.

Embraco, which is now part of the Nidec Global Appliance, is one of the leading experts in global refrigeration and provided Fricon with a solution for the food and beverage refrigeration industry, as well as its solutions using inverter technologies (speed variable) and bivolt.

The applications, co-developed with Fricon, include a horizontal conservator for frozen products and a vertical solution for beverage preservation. The solutions use the FMF compressor, which features inverter and Bivolt technologies combined with the natural refrigerant R290, making it not only sustainable but also the most efficient commercial compressor on the market.

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