Fricon Family Day 2020

In 2018 we created a new tradition, the Fricon Family Day, which we always carry out in September, after the return of the holiday period.

This initiative aims to welcome and energize the entire team in a relaxed atmosphere in which we invite the entire Fricon Portugal and Spain Team and their families to participate in this event. Since the first event, we have brought together hundreds of people in a joint summer farewell, where we took the opportunity to align ourselves with the challenges of the new period.

After the success of the 1st edition, we decided to continue to challenge our extended family, through games, challenges, children’s spaces and other dedicated thematic environments.

In 2019, we launched new challenges, new tests and new prizes for the hundreds of participants in this new edition.

Now comes the turn of Fricon Family Day 2020, in a delicate context like the one we currently live in, forcing us to reinvent ourselves and the model we created, adjusting it this year to a “remote” version.

“We can’t all be together this year!
Let us not forget this day of sharing with the whole Fricon family.
For the year, we will all be together and we will be even more. “

FRICON Administration

We take advantage of this Fricon Family Day 2020 to remember the good times of the previous editions and reinforce Fricon’s commitment to the next 2021 edition, already planned.

See you soon!

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