FRICON Ice Cream Cart is a ‘vehicle’ for play on Youtube video

Vlad and Niki tell the story of two children who ‘sell’ ice cream, on video on Youtube, with a Fricon ice cream cart.

This entertainment channel aimed at children recreates various activities always with the presence of toys.

In this video, the main characters of the channel pretend to be ‘selling’ ice cream, using several options, which for one reason or another end up not working as intended, until they find the ideal solution to transport their ice cream everywhere in a practical way and fun, without them melting.

Through a Fricon ice cream cart- better known as Pushy Bike – they are able to finally sell their ice cream in their video, fulfilling their entrepreneurial goal.

For brands that intend to develop entrepreneurial projects in this segment, Fricon offers the line of mobile solutions for ice cream.

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