Fricon points to the Pacific

Fricon points to the Pacific

Fricon points to the Pacific as part of its internationalization strategy in order to consolidate markets in which it is present and to focus on new emerging markets with high conversion potential.

This theme was published in the digital magazine Dinheiro Vivo, in which it is possible to follow all the report developed using elements that influence the company’s business orientation, thus pointing to the end of 2019 as the preparation for the coming year and It promises to be fraught with challenges and opportunities.

The year 2019 was closed with the acquisition of new markets and consolidation of existing markets, reinforcing our position directly with our customers and local partners in order to develop and maintain trust relationships.

However, we recognize that there are other business opportunities to be aware of and not neglecting current customers, we can move forward that we are looking ahead to 2020 in order to boost business growth and consolidation.

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