FRICON returns with the “Chefs em Volta” in the 2nd edition

Second edition of “Os Chefs em Volta” with Fricon support!

It took place on May 16, 2021 in a space, in the municipality of Matosinhos, which was only revealed to the event’s participants. “Os Chefs em Volta” – 2nd Edition had the participation of Fricon, which offered to support it with the introduction of some equipment.

The event featured 6 guest chefs who prepared 9 gastronomic moments through 4 different experiences. João Pupo Lameiras (Ro / Bacalhau), Tânia Durão (Atrevo), The Good Collective represented by Alexandre Sarmento and William Blake and the Cultura que se Come project, represented by João Magalhães and Tiago Sousa were the invited chefs for this spring edition. The event had 36 participants.

The motto used in this second gastronomic experience was to go to the beginning of all things, identify the beginning of the gastronomic cycle in all its aspects, return to the elementary, the primary, the micro. Along with the origins, the focus was based on working around the 4 natural elements. AIR, WATER, FIRE and EARTH take the participants not only to the origin of the ingredients but also guide them through the transformation of the raw material. And it was around the elements that the Chefs will walk, in order to serve the 9 moments of tasting.

This action was organized in order to have 3 different groups of participants. These groups were divided into tables of up to 6 people and it was possible to offer them the experience of completing the food cycle from its origin to its final tasting, where everything will be in plain sight, without filters, claiming the beauty of its simplicity. The choice of wines will be made by Symington Family Estates. This is where Fricon’s support kicks in. With the use of our wine cellars, it was possible to control their temperature to improve the experience of the participants.

This initiative aims to happen once a season of the year and in each edition it intends to find new spaces and new chefs to challenge. The aim is to be able to produce a quality gastronomic event respecting all health and hygiene standards in force.

Fricon seeks to support initiatives such as Chefs in Volta where proximity between the brand and the consumer is essential to establish a sensorial relationship where quality and performance are always present.

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