Host Milan 2019

Host Milan 2019

Host Milano, considered the premier international fair of the year, is the place to be, where business and innovation meet.

This event is held every 2 years and is a point of reference for operators in the food, beverages, derivative equipment, from raw materials to finished products sectors, thus providing the possibility of doing business with the main global players.

Thus, it is possible to have access to the latest news and trends in the hospitality and hospitality, food and beverage, equipment and appliances related sectors, and enjoy events, exhibitions, stories and knowledge sharing by experts.

Also, there are cooking programs, competitions and conferences that complete all the information, knowledge and contacts you need to help your product or service succeed.

Fricon will be present with its solutions for refrigeration and food preservation, thus promoting the dissemination of its solutions through its multidisciplinary team specialized in the sector.

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