Ice Cream Conservator HCE 170 FG

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Outer Lenght590 mm
Outer Height910 mm
Outer Depth680 mm
Gross Capacity157 Lts
(5,5 Ft³)
Net Capacity136 Lts
(4,8 Ft³)
Display Area0,22 m²
Climatic Conditions4L1
Energy Characteristics220-240V/50Hz  0.54A  127W
Power Consumption
Energy Efficiencyletra energética D
Insulation Thickness
LidsLid – Glass
Inner Temperature Range-24 ⁰C / -16 ⁰C
(-11,2 ⁰F / 3,2 ⁰F)

* This information is merely informative and subject to changes in technical data, and may not be used as a contractual document.

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The ice cream conservator HCE 170 FG from Fricon is intended for the preservation of ice cream and frozen products with front glass.

The insertion of this feature was intended to drive the sales of ice cream by increasing the visibility for products with the youngest – the real influencers at the time of purchase.

Depending on the space available in your store and the turnover of this type of food, you can choose a more bulky version – the HCE 305 FG.

Its wheels allow you to move freely around your store without much effort until you find the most profitable location for this equipment, making this ice cream conservator HCE 170 FG very flexible and cost-effective.

You can also apply your brand on this ice cream and frozen conservator or customize it according to the design of your store, and thus differentiate yourself even more from your competitors and retain customers.

Clarify your questions about this ice cream conservator HCE 170 FG by filling out the form on the page.