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The environmental impact caused by some refrigerant gases is an increasingly present and sensitive issue, of great importance to Fricon.
What are refrigerant gases? And what are refrigerant gases used for?

Refrigerant gases, also known as refrigerant fluid is a chemical product used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
This gas, which changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, has the function of absorbing heat and cooling the environment.

What are the most used gases?

For several years, the most common gases used in the refrigeration of commercial refrigeration equipment were CFC’s. For environmental reasons, CFC’s started to be replaced by HFCF’s and HFC’s (Hydrofluorocarbons) in some industries.

In the commercial refrigeration industry, the most used refrigerant gases over the years were R404a, R134a, R600a and R290.

What is the impact of refrigeration gases on the environment?

Fricon has led the introduction of natural refrigerant gases in Europe nearly 2 decades ago, in the production of commercial refrigeration solutions.

Currently, Fricon uses natural refrigerant gases (R290 and R600a) in about 90% of its solutions, increasing efficiency and drastically reducing the environmental impact of its equipment.
Both R290 and R600a gases have a global warming potential of 3, extremely low compared to most other gases, and an ozone depletion potential of 0 (zero).

tabela de impacto ambiental dos gases refrigerantes GWP

Any gas with a GWP less than 150 is considered low impact, between 150 and 2500 medium impact and greater than 2500 high impact.

In this way, over the years, Fricon has made efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, positioning itself as an increasingly eco-friendly brand.

In line with the drive to develop increasingly sustainable solutions, and anticipating the application of stricter standards regarding the use of refrigerant gases.

Proof of this is the use of the most efficient and least harmful gas (R290), currently used in Fricon commercial refrigeration equipment.

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