International Day of People with Disabilities | #SameDifferent#SameProfessionals

December 3rd is the International Day of People with Disabilities.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is an international commemorative date promoted by the United Nations since 1992, aimed at promoting greater understanding of issues related to disability and mobilizing the defense of the dignity, rights and well-being of people.

In Portugal there are 1 792 719 people with disabilities, whether visual, motor, mental or hearing. This means that 17% of the Portuguese population has at least one difficulty in everyday activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, talking, listening, memorizing, eating, or something else.

Of the total revealed by the 2011 Census, 61% are female while 39% are male (2021 Census results not yet disclosed).

Within the scope of social responsibility and inclusion of disability, Fricon joined the Eurofirms Foundation, RTP and CP in joining the #IguaisDiferentes#IguaisProfissionais campaign.

The International Day for People with Disabilities campaign explains everyday situations experienced by people with disabilities (see illustrations here), in order to reflect on them and to be able to put ourselves in the position of others.

This action with an international scope aimed at content in various media, including television, but also in the application of materials on public roads.

Examples in Portugal were the train stations of Campanhã, Santa Apolónia and Entrecampos, places with high traffic.

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