Karting Championship

Karting Championship

Through an internal initiative initiated by co-workers, we held and promoted at Fricon the 2nd Karting Championship, an event developed with the aim of bringing people closer together, creating and developing courtesy and friendship between members of the organization and providing fun and relaxation.

Relationships between bosses, colleagues and teams is important for the growth and development of the professionals and business of a company, increasing trust, well-being and involvement among all.

Thus, in order to create moments of sharing and positive memories, the challenge was launched to make a karting competition between the various departments involved in the process, as a motivation and involvement factor, resulting in this way through a personal and highly supported initiative for the company.

Creating value for the company, as the relationships become more solid and engaging, the participants spent a lot of time hanging out and having fun on a weekend through a race that encouraged and encouraged employees to remain united and in the spirit of team.

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