Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão

Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão

At Fricon we are committed to the social and environmental environment, so we are present at Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão supporting the participants and the organization in order to contribute to a sporting event of great impact and national interest.

More than 1000 athletes of different ages, genres or social strata, who had one thing in common, pedaling. With tight corners, sharp climbs and descents, the most resilient and well-prepared had a total circuit of about 175 km, making this an intense and challenging course for cycling enthusiasts in rural areas. There were also other types of shorter courses but such a requirement.

Elements of the Fricon team tested their ability to respond to the challenge and were successful, energetically traversing the course and focused on reaching the end with the typical spirit of sacrifice in this typology of activities.

The awards ceremony was attended by a representative of Fricon, who enthusiastically congratulated those present on the podium of the event, one of whom was a representative of a national company with a prominent place in the same.

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