New energy label for refrigeration equipment – Eco Label

The new energy label takes effect from March 1, 2021.

This new rule applies to all refrigeration equipment with a direct sales function. The label will include an indication of the equipment’s energy efficiency class, which will vary depending on its Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI).

What refrigeration equipment will this new standard be applied to?

  • Domestics
  • Beverage coolers
  • Ice cream preservers
  • Integral supermarket refrigeration and freezer cabinets
  • Manufactured in series and individually

Other professional refrigerated cabinets retain their previous label.

Professional refrigerated storage cabinets

  • Cabinets
  • Counters


Introduction of energy label for models with direct selling functions?

In the same way that domestic refrigeration equipment has already been regulated for several years, equipment with direct selling functions – including commercial refrigeration equipment – must, from now on, also comply with the same regulation.

The energy label must be applied to these devices when they are present at the point of sale.

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What is the difference between the old label and the new energy label?

The differences between new and old energy labels are easily noticeable, especially with regard to their scale and the introduction of a product QR code.

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Why did you change the scale of the label?

Previously, equipment that was in one of the A+ scales gave the feeling of being equipment equally efficient to A++ or A+++ equipment. In fact, an A+ appliance is less efficient than most appliances of the same type.

To solve this problem, the European Union decided to revise the scale of the label: the “+” classes disappear, giving rise to a classification from A to G, which is easier to interpret. Class A corresponds to the top in terms of energy efficiency.

Initially, this class will remain empty, to encourage manufacturers to develop more efficient equipment. This means that the best refrigeration equipment you can obtain at the moment will be positioned in class B.


To obtain all the detailed information about the new energy labeling:

Equipment with direct selling functions:
Energy labeling: (UE) 2019/2018.
Ecodesign requirements: (UE) 2019/2024.

Household equipment:
Energy labeling: (UE) 2019/2016.
Ecodesign requirements: (UE) 2019/2019.

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