Pet Food is a growing trend

Pet Food is a growing trend

Nowadays, the Pet Food industry in the UK market is worth over 2600 million GBP. Since 2007, this industry has been showing a growing trend.

Visibly, the Pet Care or Pet Food segment is growing and trends in the future include the “humanization” of these animals, that is, the transposition of owners’ habits for their pets, as well as greater personalization, with diets adapted to different needs (sizes, breeds, etc …) as well as life stages and specific formulas for different pathologies or with functional benefits.

“More and more, what we see is that the trends in animal nutrition follow those in human nutrition. So at this moment we see a great concern for the health of animals on the part of the owners, who are increasingly looking for foods of premium origin and super premiums, with a higher concentration of protein. ”

Ricardo Branco, Auchan Retail Portugal

Also, the expansion of stores and services presented by ZU | Pet Shop from north to south of Portugal, further reinforces that this is one of the markets with the greatest growth potential today and shows no signs of slowing down for the future, on the contrary, it is part of the strategy of some distributors to include and invest in this pet market.

Much of this premium and super premium food is based on foods that require a level of freezing that traditional dry food does not. In order to promote this type of solutions and bring brands closer to their followers, Fricon has worked with several brands and distributors, as is the case of the action visible in the image above. These vertical freezing solutions (YWC) and mobile, the latter ideal for transporting ice cream for animals.
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