QSP Summit 2021 | Fricon with “Cool to Go” concept store alongside Ben&Jerry, Vitacress, Sogrape and Shoyce

The QSP Summit 2021, the most relevant conference in the field of Management and Marketing, returned after a one-year break since the beginning of Covid-19, and took place at Exponor, on the 9th and 10th of September.

The event had internationally renowned speakers, such as Malcolm Gladwell, Martyn Newman, Kate Bravery, Aline Santos, Martin Wezowski, among others, belonging to brands such as Unilever, Microsoft, SAP, EDP, and many others.

With over 2500 visitors and 124 exhibitors at this edition of QSP Summit 2021, Fricon stood out and captured the attention of its visitors with a “Cool to Go” concept store. This is a pop-up store concept, aimed at quick meals, which allows beverage, fresh, and ice cream brands to increase their impulse sales with a “grab and go” concept, where practicality and speed are the keys to brand momentum and your sales.

Based on refrigeration solutions developed to optimize product exposure and impulse sales, Fricon has joined forces with its partners Ben&Jerry, Vitacress, and Sogrape, promoting products and brands through an integrated cross-marketing action between the various brands.

The objective of this immersive promotional action was to create an experience between the QSP Summit 2021 visitor and the brands present at the event, applied in a real context of consumption.

The promotion of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream had two vectors throughout the QSP Summit 2021, the first through the use of the Pushy ice cream cart, in the brand’s promotion action. The second vector was through an ice cream display wall, based on the VCV 4C counter-top display.

Regarding Vitacress, the product promotion was based on vertical display solution VCV 2B and impulse solution (Checkout), allowing the visitor to be impacted by the brand’s range in an impulse acquisition experience, similarly to the action carried out in conjunction with Shoyce.

As for Sogrape, the promotion of its various brands was based on the refrigeration solution for wines, Premium Wine Cellar.

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