1st Refrigeration System for E-commerce | FRICON

After the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge drop in almost all markets, including Food Retail.

With all the restrictions imposed by the government and the impossibility or fear of going out on the street to make weekly or monthly purchases, families realized that the way to get around this situation and satisfy their primary needs was to give greater use to online stores of supermarkets.

For these reasons, there was an increase in online sales.

Following this increase, we identified the need to also increase the operational efficiency of food retail insignias so that it is possible to respond quickly without jeopardizing the conservation status of food, especially deep-frozen or pre-frozen foods, which are the products that run a greater risk of suffering changes in their physical condition due to the break of the cold chain during its transport.

Thus, after intensive market tests with some of the most important operators in the online food market, an innovative Refrigeration System for E-commerce was developed by FRICON, which will guarantee the efficiency and reliability of the cold chain.

Better understand what FRICON’s new Refrigeration System for E-commerce is and how it works.

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