Rotary Club distinguishes Isabel Azevedo

Rotary Club distinguishes Isabel Azevedo

Isabel Azevedo, president of the board of directors of Frigocon S.A., was awarded the “Professional of the Year” award by the Rotary Club of Vila de Conde last Friday, May 24, 2019.

Honored for her professional career, the president of the Fricon Group was awarded the professional merit award of the year, which distinguishes and promotes projects and entrepreneurs in the sector of industry, economy and business, for their journey and impact on society.

Primarily for dedication, professionalism and a sense of social responsibility, it is also involved in philanthropic projects, ranging from support to schools, associations, institutions or sports and cultural groups in order to support and boost the development of the community and local economy.

With an admirable professional career, which started very early on through the involvement in the family business, with 37 years of experience in the commercial and industrial cold industry.

Thus, accompanying his father and mentor from a very young age, he allowed to develop a sensitivity and aptitude for the business acquiring a deep knowledge of the refrigeration sector, making him one of the most influential and relevant people in the industrial environment and a reference for the new elements of the group and future national entrepreneurs, especially those in the northern part of the country.

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