Social support in times of pandemic

During this pandemic phase, with global impact for all, Fricon’s social responsibility remains present in the daily lives of our partners, employees and the surrounding society, taking social support to a closer level.

With this motto, we support companies and institutions with the aim of helping them to overcome this pandemic by reducing the difficulty or increasing the availability of resources to solve more complicated problems and situations related to health and social support.

In recent weeks, at Fricon we donated two isolation rooms under negative pressure to the Póvoa de Varzim Hospital Center – Vila do Conde, thus being aware of our social responsibility and the support we provide.

In addition to the rooms, and maintaining the alignment defined in the action and social support plans, we also contribute with refrigeration equipment and other essential goods necessary for a better response to the current situation of the outbreak, both to public health institutions and to social solidarity.

The current moment must be overcome together and mutual assistance between all, due to its global dimension, hence we communicate and reinforce our support to the most needy in order to do everything possible to overcome this phase that is demanding and different from what we are used to dealing daily.

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