Superminas 2019 – Brasil

Superminas 2019 – Brasil

Superminas 2019, an event that brings together visitors from all over Brazil and from various parts of the world, has been improving its membership, with the presence of between 50 and 55 thousand people per edition in recent years.

Here you have access to over 500 exhibitors, as well as a 25,000 square meter fair area.

This event provides a great opportunity for professional development for retail, especially in the supermarket and bakery segments. More than 70 activities are available in this edition, including lectures, forums, meetings, talk shows and workshops that anticipate the best practices and world trends in the sector for the Brazilian and international markets.

Fricon is present with the objective of spreading news, contact with customers and partners, gather contacts and potential business opportunities, thus reinforcing its position as one of the main players worldwide.

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