The importance of the Employer Value Proposition at FRICON in 2020

One of FRICON‘s internal policies is to value its team and esteem it for the well-being and good atmosphere in the workplace (also known as Employer Value Proposition).

There is an awareness that excellence comes at a price, and in this case, fatigue is a natural symptom after several months of effort and dedication. Additionally, we suffer some psychological fatigue, due to the epidemic that surrounds us.

As a way of thanking all the members of the Family, for their tireless spirit, this week FRICON held Magusto 2020, where the typical chestnuts were offered so that everyone could taste them in the safety of their homes with their families.

This is just one of the initiatives carried out throughout this year and which are in line with our Employer Value Proposition strategy, such as São João, a good holiday action and a welcome after the holiday period, Fricon Family Day, Halloween, among other initiatives.

Despite all the constraints throughout 2020, we have been striving in a creative, careful and respecting the demanding health standards.

At FRICON we strive to promote our values ​​and position as an employer, providing moments of sharing.

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