Christmas at FRICON ’23

In December, FRICON was transformed into a real scene of festivity and celebration, where every detail was carefully planned to provide unforgettable moments for our large family of employees. Christmas at FRICON is not just a month of typical celebrations, it’s a time when the Christmas spirit comes alive in a unique and enchanting way.

One of this year’s surprises was the first Children’s Workshop, an experience full of fun, laughter and unforgettable moments, not only for the children but also for our employees.

There’s no Christmas at FRICON without the typical dinner, which provides a double experience of reinforcing bonds of friendship between everyone and savouring a real meal typical of the season.

Children’s Workshop

The big news this Christmas was the Children’s Workshop at FRICON. This internal event provided a unique opportunity for parents and children to socialise and bond in what is a second home for all of us.

First thing in the morning there was the inevitable fun on the inflatable, which was transformed into a real amusement park, providing moments of pure joy and fun. Then it was time to recognise academic merit with the awarding of AMA prizes to children of FRICON employees. Celebrating not only the Christmas season but also academic excellence created an atmosphere of encouragement and ovation among all those present.

The more than 50 children had the opportunity to put all their creativity to the test, colouring and decorating typical Christmas biscuits that made for an even more magical morning. With colourful icing, glitter effects and lots of imagination, each child expressed their unique style, developing delicious Christmas souvenirs. Once the masterpieces were finished, the fun didn’t stop there! This was followed by a cinema session typical of the Christmas period. Here, “our” children were able to lose themselves in enchanting stories and striking characters, which caused laughter and joy to echo through FRICON’s corridors, creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

To round off the Children’s Workshop, the only thing missing was the magical and unexpected meeting with Santa Claus, which was undoubtedly the highlight of the day! All the participants were surprised with smiles, warm hugs and, of course, special presents that made the little ones’ eyes sparkle.

Christmas Dinner

As in previous years, FRICON’s Christmas dinner is a reality and its purpose is to bring together at the table all those who contribute daily to the company’s success: our people! During this event, we offered an exciting look back at the year, highlighting achievements, challenges and the contribution of each member of the FRICON team. Assertive speeches from the heads of key areas and management inspired everyone to look to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

The evening couldn’t end without some fun and the DJ took charge of transforming the dance floor into an explosion of rhythm and joy. It was the perfect moment to celebrate achievements, strengthen bonds and end 2023 with style!

This is Christmas at FRICON! Where we celebrate not just as colleagues, but as an extension of our big family.

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