FRICON supports the Solidarity Walk of the Portuguese League Against Cancer: Join the Cause!

Solidarity is in the air and FRICON invites everyone to participate in the VII Solidarity Walk of the Portuguese League Against Cancer, scheduled for October 1, 2023, in Vila do Conde.

This is the perfect opportunity to join forces and make a difference in the fight against one of the diseases that most affects our communities.

The registration fee for this Solidarity Walk of the Portuguese League Against Cancer is just €5, and, believe me, it’s worth every penny! In addition to contributing to a noble cause, when you register, you will receive a special t-shirt for the event and water for the journey. The best part? All registration fees will go directly to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, supporting its vital mission of research, prevention and support for all those facing this disease.

The meeting will take place at 10am next to Farmácia Vital, in Vila do Conde, and from there, the journey of solidarity begins! Get ready for an exciting and meaningful journey, where every step counts to give hope and support to the people who need it most.

But solidarity doesn’t end with the walk! The event will culminate at the Municipal Market, where everyone will be able to enjoy a unique musical moment with the talented guest artist, Nuno Lanhoso. It will be a celebration of life, hope and unity that we demonstrate when we come together for causes as important as this.

Bring your family, friends and colleagues for this unforgettable experience. After all, solidarity is contagious, and when we walk together, we can achieve much more. Join us, walk with your heart and leave your footprint in the fight against cancer. Register here!

We’re counting on you!

FRICON and Solidarity-Walk-of-the-Portuguese-League-Against-Cancer

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