Upperdeck FV Launch

FRICON presents the Upperdeck FV: the modern and energy-efficient Vertical Display for maximum display of refrigerated products.

During the 21st edition of the biggest fair in the food sector Euroshop, the launch of the FRICON equipment that promises to revolutionize and raise commercial refrigeration to other levels: it is the new Upperdeck Full Vision.

With a modern and sophisticated design, the Vertical Display Upperdeck FV is ideal for displaying food, beverages and other refrigerated products. With tempered glass doors that ensure maximum visibility of the products, this display also has internal LED lighting, which enhances the colors and textures of the products on display.

In addition, the Upperdeck FV Vertical Display has a digital display, allowing you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. With a capacity of up to 631 litres, this equipment is ideal for medium to large establishments, offering a large product storage capacity. Furthermore, it is possible to select the ideal model based on the exhibition area and the need for storage to be met. There are currently two models of the latest Upperdeck FV on request: 140 and 250.

This equipment was developed with the latest technology to meet the needs of commercial establishments that wish to display their products in an efficient, elegant and modern way, together with the possibility of customization. In the same sense, the new display is associated with high energy efficiency in order to ensure great equipment performance and reduced consumption.

Versatility and adaptability, respectively, are both attributes that represent the new Upperdeck:

This FRICON equipment is ready to be used alone or in combination with another FRICON cabinet, as is the case with the CLS 210 and 250 (depending on the chosen model). Furthermore, it is a device that allows you to optimize the vertical space, making your point of sale adaptable at any moment.

You can view a short video that once again portrays the launch of this Upperdeck FV HERE.

The Upperdeck FV Vertical Display is yet another example of FRICON’s commitment to offering excellent commercial refrigeration solutions to its customers.

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