Waterloop Cooling System

First of all, it’s important to emphasise that “Waterloop” is the term for the type of condensation used in refrigeration equipment, i.e. the type of condenser used. This allows the saturated gas to be condensed during the heat exchanger, which, when in contact with the air, transfers heat to the environment. In short, it is a term that corresponds to a condensing refrigeration system using water.

What is the Waterloop Cooling System?

With the current environmental awareness, the demand for energy efficiency has been increasing, and one of the existing solutions is the Waterloop system. This is a system in which water-cooled heat exchangers are used instead of an air-cooled condenser, offering a more effective approach to thermal management.

How does it Work?

The condensing unit is replaced by a plate heat exchanger. In this exchanger there are 2 separate circuits that exchange heat. The gas circuit enters hot and is cooled by water (mixed with glycol) which enters cold. The heated water then goes to the drycooler at the top of the installation, where it dissipates the heat to the outside. It then returns cooled to all the units, completing its cycle.

Can there be more than one Model or Version of this System? Which ones?

The version of this system is always the same, as it is only the water temperatures that vary. At the moment, FRICON has tested the following models in its portfolio:

What are the Main Advantages?

The advantages of the Waterloop cooling system include:

  • Less heat is emitted into the retail establishment, thus reducing air conditioning consumption. This advantage becomes evident in the warmer seasons and in smaller shops;
  • Reusing heat to warm up sanitary waters;
  • Reduction in consumption considering all air conditioning systems (HVAC, refrigeration/freezing units);
  • Eco-friendly system that uses water as a cooling agent to significantly reduce energy consumption and minimise the impact on the environment. A sustainable choice!
  • Intelligent, personalised adaptation for your point of sale to give you total control over the refrigeration environment. This system is designed to adapt to your real needs.

What are the Different Applications of this System?

It can be installed in any shop as long as all the installation for this type of system is done. It is easier to implement if it is considered from the outset when developing the shop’s design.

By adopting this innovative approach, organisations can not only achieve economic benefits, but also play a crucial role in preserving the environment. As environmental awareness becomes a reality, the Waterloop cooling system stands out as a responsible and progressive choice in the field of refrigeration in a commercial context.

Waterloop cooling system

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