FRICON awarded SME Excellence 2020

At the end of 2020, the results of SME Excellence 2020 were launched in Portugal, where FRICON was awarded.

The award given by IAPMEI, aims to improve the risk profile and encourage companies to achieve their strategic ambition.

It is a seal of reputation that allows companies to connect with suppliers, customers, the financial system, and national and regional authorities, on a basis of trust that facilitates the development of their business.

For FRICON – as exporting companies with an international ambition – the SME Excellence 2020 statute is especially relevant, as it is a factor of differentiation and a guarantee of the solidity and suitability of companies, with international partners.

Of the total number of awarded companies, 23.4% belong to the industrial sector.

Throughout FRICON’s path in the market, investments have been made in the optimization of internal processes and structures, which contribute to an improvement in the value proposition, as well as to greater business sustainability.

These efforts and investments have also contributed to reaching the 1000 best SME 2020 award.

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