Full Black Refrigeration Solutions for Supermarkets

FRICON has established itself in the market as a pioneer company, which generates added value for customers – “we feel responsibility in the development of new trends”.

Following this mindset, we have been applying efforts in the development of differentiated equipment, as an example, our Full Black refrigeration solutions for supermarkets.

Increasingly, brands realize the importance of providing a good experience to the consumer and thus seek solutions to optimize it.

Major retailers in Central and Northern Europe, as well as Oceania, have adopted solutions for Full Black edition supermarkets for their points of sale. As a way to differentiate themselves from their counterparts and add value, not only to their own brands but also to their customers, through the improvement of the consumer experience.

The introduction of the Full Black edition in the supermarket allows a greater prominence of the product inside, influencing the consumption behavior through a greater visual impact with the customer, consequently, increasing the product rotation and probability of sale.

Allied to a high level of innovation, a close environmental responsibility is inseparable, so that we can bring differentiating and sustainable solutions to the market, supporting the success of our clients’ brands.

More information about our Full Black refrigeration solutions for supermarkets here.

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