5 best cold solutions for impulse sales at your point of sale

Want to know our top 5 best cold solutions for impulse sales and improve your business?

It is more than proven that placing products next to the checkouts or in strategic locations in the supermarket will make you reach a higher number of impulse sales.

Therefore, in this FRICON article you will understand how you can do it using our various equipment specifically designed for that purpose.

CT 83

cold solutions ct83 fricon

The first equipment to be addressed is the modern and contemporary Counter-Top CT 83 Vertical Conservator.

This device has crucial features to capture your customer’s attention by the possibility of placing it at the counter or next to the checkout counter.

It is also possible to customize the CT 83, alluding to your brand image, by applying vinyls and changing colors, thus increasing the prominence of the products inside.

VCV 4R (+)/ VCV 4C (-)

cold solutions vcv4 fricon

If your idea is to store smaller products in a more compact space, the VCV 4R/ 4C Glass Door Vertical Cooler is the best suited for its characteristic dimensions.

The fact that it is also a counter equipment will help you capture the attention of your customers and combined with practicality you will find the quality you are looking for, since it also has great robustness.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this is considered the best solution to consider.


vcv5b cold equipments fricon

The VCV 5B Vertical Cooler with Glass Door is also on our list of cold storage equipment for impulse sales.

The VCV 5B is the solution on this list that has larger dimensions, thus offering a larger communication area for your brand/product. Due to its plug-in system that allows for quick and easy installation, you can also find the best position for this equipment in your store.


cold solutions vcv8 fricon

As for the VCV 8 Glass Door Vertical Cooler, it is characterized by its perfect medium size.

It has a greater depth that allows for a larger product storage capacity, thus making it a great option to capture even more attention from your customers.


DUO drinks equipments fricon

DUO Vertical Display Glass Door is quite innovative, taking into account that it presents a feature that differentiates it from others and that will play in your favor when it comes to sales.

DUO contains a zone for postive temperature (dedicated to refrigeration) and another for negative temperature (dedicated to conservation). The fact of separating the different foods by their environment will respond to the desired needs in only one space and will influence your customer to buy the combination of the products, unconsciously.

So, if you are looking for the best cold storage equipment for impulse sales in your supermarket or any other point of sale, check our ranges of equipment for ice cream and frozen foods or beverages.

In this list we have gathered our 5 best cold solutions for impulse sales and those that in terms of energy have a great performance.

That is why we invite you to visit our publication on our social networks about this topic and understand how you should act to boost sales.

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