The FRICON New Era “THE PURITY OF BEING SUSTAINABLE” is more than a drive.

It’s a mindset, it’s a lifestyle, it’s how we want to impact the world and how we want our customers to feel. Pure and sustainable. In each of our partnerships.

With the launch of the new UPD FV and at the 21st edition of Euroshop, the largest food retail fair, it is showed a new image and a new motto of communication, which represent the FRICON New Era.

The white color was reflected, a color that does not hide imperfections; on the contrary. It is a transparent color, which reflects the care of those who interact with it. Its purity reflects the concern for the development of increasingly sustainable solutions that respect the planet. Reflecting the pure feeling that is wanting to respect the planet.

White makes us feel cold if we want to feel cold… It makes us see light if we want to see light… It transports us wherever we want, whenever we want, as it gives rise to the interpretation assigned to it. This is the FRICON New Era!
The purity of the color materializes in the textures, subtleties, shadows and the vision of those who observe and interpret it.

It is our responsibility to respect the natural balance of all elements on the planet, adapting our needs to its needs.

See also the FRICON publication about the new communication HERE.

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