Fricon Solidária – Ronald Mcdonald House

Fricon Solidária – Ronald Mcdonald House

The “Fricon Solidária” initiative is part of the organization’s social solidarity project and is a very important part of the company and its board of directors.

The actions that take place through these endeavors have as their main purpose the support and support to the surrounding community, as well as helping the neediest families and their social institutions.

Having said that, we share here the event in which Fricon was present, representing itself through the administration and elements of the direction of some departments with focus on the social solidarity project.

The evening was expected to be magical and engaging with Fricon joining forces with the Ronald McDonald House of Porto, providing a moment of sharing and social giving, making us all who support this cause heroes for a day.

The goal of supporting the foundation in its growth, improvement and evolution has been fulfilled, as well as a tribute to families, children and volunteers who bravely dispose themselves every day to face the disease in a continuous and difficult fight.

We embrace this cause, which belongs to all of us, for a better day to day life with those with children in treatment, admitted to the Hospital de São João and IPO-Porto, thus developing this project “Fricon Solidária” with the objective of growing in a way. gradual and continuous, always supporting more and more people with health, financial or any other needs and difficulties.

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