FRICON Wine Caves at the 1st tasting event “Os Chefes em Volta”

Next weekend, 11 October, the first tasting event “Os Chefes em Volta” will be held by chefs Aurora Goy, Nuno Castro and Pedro Braga, in a relaxed atmosphere in the garden of Casa da Prelada.

3 chefs, 3 spaces, 3 experiences.

Each chef will have a unique outdoor space in order to ensure all necessary security measures.

The 3 will be able to give wings to their gastronomic skills and creativity to elaborate their menu (starter, main menu and dessert) and give it to their restricted participants to taste. These, in turn, will have the opportunity to experience a unique and delicious moment.

The wine will be taken care of and kept at the ideal temperature for consumption, in those that are the elegant FRICON wine caves.

The S.P.O.T organization does not intend to stop here and aims to hold 4 annual editions of Os Chefes em Volta, taking place each season of the year, in different locations and with new chefs.

For those who want to escape the routine and experience a unique tasting event, you can read the full news here and sign up for the event.

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