Deep-Frozen foods rises 2 digits

According to a study by Nielsen, the value of deep-frozen products recorded double-digit growth in the food distribution channel.

The companies that sell deep-frozen cod fish or shellfish, recorded, in general, a positive first semester.

Frozen cod, during this period, sold 8.4 million kilos, a year-on-year increase of 7%, to a value of 82.5 million euros, representing an increase of 14%. The annual growth of deep-frozen fish, in volume, was 7% to 34.9 million kilos.
In value, the increase was 13% to 251.9 million euros. Seafood, in turn, increased by 7% in volume to 17.7 million kilos. In value, growth was 8% to 135.4 million euros.

Having registered a favorable evolution in sales in the distribution channel during the first quarter of 2020, both nationally and internationally, brands such as Brasmar, Riberalves and Caxamar experienced a change in performance especially in the second quarter, reports the magazine Hiper Super.

Since the HORECA channel has a significant representation for food distributors, with regard to this type of product, they saw their sales decrease due to the closure of many catering establishments caused by Covid-19.

However, these prestigious deep-frozen brands have been slowly recovering, looking for new solutions and adapting now to the new reality.

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