Fricon develops mask extenders

Fricon develops mask extenders

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Taking into consideration the new reality and the need to protect more than 1000 employees, Fricon develops mask extenders.

Our polymer team has developed an ingenious solution to improve the comfort of the entire team. “Necessity sharpens the device”.

In a time of Covid-19, the use of a mask is essential for us to protect ourselves and others. This has become mandatory to use in all public places and in the workplace.

Therefore, its use has also become mandatory for all employees within our facilities.
Over time, we received feedback from our employees and we realized that wearing a mask for 8 hours can cause some discomfort.

This time, after research carried out by our polymer division (Plastic Division), trials and tests were carried out that gave rise to our mask extenders with various levels of adjustment.

Among the various benefits of this project are:
– The elimination of tension and contact of the elastic over the ears, preventing friction and discomfort caused by prolonged use of the masks;
– Light and resistant structure;
– Easy to use;
– Can be used by anyone, including children;
– and easy cleaning and sanitizing.

This project also has a differentiating feature with regard to the possibility of personalizing the color of the polymer.

Taking into account the growing need identified, this solution with Portuguese development and production and with a Fricon signature has now been made available on the market.

For more information, you can contact us through our support form and watch our demonstration video.

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