What is the ideal equipment for your ice cream business?

Each model of equipment is developed with its own set of characteristics, which makes it a solution for the preservation, refrigeration, or freezing of beverages, fresh food, pre-frozen, ice cream, or other types of products and ideal or not for your ice cream business.

If you have or are thinking about starting an ice cream business and don’t know how to choose the ideal ice cream cabinet, then you are in the right article. Read on and clarify your doubts, here.

What should I consider when purchasing an ice cream chest?

There is a set of variables that make an ark into an ice cream ark. Of course, there are chests of various dimensions, different formats, capacities, and consumption.

For example, FRICON, in addition to developing ice cream chests for points of sale and indoor spaces, also develops mobile ice cream chests, that is, you can use it as a transport cart or with a bicycle and expand your business together. to maritime, river, historical, or tourist areas.


Did you know that ice cream can have an ideal temperature of around -18 ° C and -22 ° C? Serving so that the ice cream is preserved in its perfect state of consumption.

Therefore, the first aspect to take into account when choosing an ice cream chest is to guarantee the chest you want, it has a temperature range between -18ºC and -22ºC, depending on the type of ice cream you sell.


The next variable to consider when choosing your ice cream conservator will be your capacity limit in liters.

There is no right or wrong value here, it depends purely on your needs and space available at the store or point of sale. The bigger your business, the more capacity you will probably need. Therefore, first, analyze the demand for your product and then decide which capacity of the equipment is right for you.

As a rule, increasing the capacity of the chest leads to an increase in its price, as well as in its consumption. However, a considerable part of the cabinets on the market has already used natural refrigerant gas (R290), which is the most efficient and least polluting gas.

Note: Care must always be taken to never exceed the capacity of the equipment. The overload of the equipment can cause an increase in its energy consumption, putting the conservation of its products at risk or even causing damage to the equipment.

At Fricon, we have equipment for the preservation of ice cream with capacities between 82 liters and 494 liters.

Conservative quality

In addition to the capacity (in liters) of the equipment, it is important: the quality of the material used in the production of the conservator can avoid several problems in the future, for example, corrosion spots and also, the construction precision so that there is no loopholes and cold leaks.

Equipment with internal and external plates in pre-painted steel has a high resistance to corrosion, still meeting the requirements of the health surveillance agencies.

Ice cream conservator format and customization

Another point concerns the shape of the ice cream conservator. Here, it is important to consider the design of your physical environment, as well as space (place of installation). This variable can support the design of an aligned and harmonious space, in order to draw the attention of your potential customer and optimize your results.

In general, conservators can be found in different formats, such as horizontal, vertical, scooping, or even mobile (wheelbarrows or bicycles, you can see some examples here).

If the conservator is in plain sight, perhaps the best option is to have an ark with glass doors to increase visibility and purchase on impulse.

In addition to the format, there is a hypothesis of visual customization of the equipment. At Fricon, we facilitate the decoration of your equipment, as well as applying vinyl with your brand or other graphic elements, which you consider to be of greater value. In this way, you will certainly add value to your point of sale and improve the perception of your brand.

Energy consumption and sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability, are intrinsically linked and are also aspects to be analyzed when choosing the ideal ice cream conservator, for your brand or point of sale.

Purchasing equipment with a good relationship between efficiency and energy consumption (kWh) will help to save money and also contribute to the lowest possible environmental impact. In this sense, Fricon is a pioneer in the development of low consumption solutions and has a line of equipment with Inverter Bivolt technology, which guarantees savings of up to 55% in energy consumption, being a sustainable and economical solution, over time solution life span.

We recommend taking into account solutions with polyurethane (ecological) insulation and ecological refrigerant gas R290. Look for these characteristics when searching for a solution that aims to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Thus, when choosing the ideal conservatory for your company or brand, opt for more sustainable equipment, because, in addition to taking better care of the environment and saving energy, it will add value to society and your brand.


Last but not least, we share some characteristics of the ice cream preservers to keep in mind:

Equipment with door or blind cover: they are ideal to be used as storage equipment, cheaper and more economical than exhibitors with glass doors.
Equipment with glass door or lid: they are mostly indicated for “impulse sale”, used in points of sale, stores, and ice cream parlors, where the objective is to draw the customer’s attention to the product. As a rule, they also have internal lighting, to highlight your products and your brand.
Scooping type equipment: they are also exhibitors, however, they have an exhibition window, limiting customer access. They are generally used in ice cream parlors and are directed to “à la carte” services.

Do you already know which ice cream chest you will choose for your ice cream business or shop?

We know that it is not easy to decide on the best ice cream solution for your commercial environment, business, or brand. It is necessary to consider a series of questions, such as those raised in this article.
However, this analysis may facilitate the selection of the model or solution, which best respond to the needs of your business, as well as confer greater savings, with regard to energy consumption.

You can see here one of the ways to use your mobile ice cream chest.

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