Do you know the ideal temperature to refrigerate drinks?

Summer is here and the hot days make us want a very cold drink. To get the best out of it, we share with you the ideal temperature to chill drinks!

It’s very simple: first of all, the ideal thing is to find the right equipment for drinks. If you don’t have yours yet, FRICON offers a wide selection:

Once you’ve found the equipment that matches your needs, you just need to know what temperature to keep your drinks at:



The type of beer influences what temperature it should be.
The most elaborate, bitter and strong beers should be kept at 8 to 12ºC. Those more refreshing but still with some complex content, can be refrigerated up to 5 to 7ºC.
Finally, those lighter and with a maximum of 5.5% alcohol content can be kept at 2 to 4ºC. You should put them out of the boxes or packaging and keep them upright for better circulation of cold air.


cave de vinhos

Unlike most other drinks, these should be stored at an average room temperature of 15ºC. White or rosé, on the other hand, should be consumed at 10 to 12ºC.

It is important to note that the wine must be refrigerated with the bottles horizontally, so that the cork remains wet, without drying out and without oxygen leakage. Avoid humid, hot and sun-exposed places.

Soft drinks and juices


The ideal temperature for refrigerating soft drinks and juices is around 3ºC. This way, you can keep your drinks cool without freezing them or changing their properties.

Tip: Don’t forget to respect the storage capacity of each equipment. If we exceed its capacity, there will not be enough space for proper air circulation, causing greater energy consumption and compromising the temperature and cooling of drinks.

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